Choosing the right Ad Objective: An often underestimated step

Facebook & Instagram Ads are very powerful tools for businesses to showcase their products or services, so much so that many businesses use it as their primary marketing strategy. If you’re trying to create an ad yourself, you’ll need to go through a series of steps before going live.

One of the most important steps, but one that is too often overlooked is choosing your advertising objective. In this article, you will learn the difference between the proposed objectives and the right objective that is most relevant to your business and its marketing goal.

The Different Ad Objective Options

Ad Objective #1 : Notoriety

The purpose of the Awareness Advertising Objective is to show your ads to the people most likely to watch and remember them, within the targeting you’ve created. In other words, this goal is relevant if you want to get your brand in front of more people, without necessarily generating short-term sales. This is a goal often used by large companies that already have a strong brand.

Ad Objective #2 : Traffic

This goal is for businesses that want to generate more visits to their website. Facebook will show your ads to the people most likely to click on your link and visit your web page. This is one of the objectives we use most regularly since it is very effective, even with smaller budgets. 

Caution! If your goal is to generate sales on your website, the Traffic objective is not necessarily for you. Facebook will show the ad to people who tend to CLICK on the ads and not necessarily convert once on your site.

Ad Objective #3 : Engagement

The Facebook Engagement ad goal is to generate likes, comments, shares and posts on your Facebook ad or page. This is a relevant goal if you have a contest or post that you would like a large number of people to interact with. It is the ideal goal if you have an event on Facebook to promote. In fact, we frequently use this goal for our clients who want to generate appointments via their Messenger box. If your business primarily offers a service, this ad goal could be especially interesting for you.

Ad Objective #4 : Leads

If you want to acquire leads for your business or brand, this goal could be for you. It is regularly used for service or product-based businesses that require a higher level of engagement. When you opt for this objective, you will have the choice of generating leads through Instant Forms, Messages, Calls or Registrations. If you want to optimize your cost per lead, we recommend the Messages sub-objective, which, in our experience, brings the best results.

The Instant Form sub-objective (often called Lead Ads), is ideal for gathering specific information, such as emails or phone numbers of potential customers. Company’s frequently use it to build an email list.

Ad Objective #5 : App Promotion

This is a very specific goal for companies that want to promote a mobile application and generate downloads.

Your application must be registered on the Facebook for developers site, otherwise Facebook will automatically modify the goal to click on a link.

Ad Objective #6 : Sales

This is one of the most used objectives. If you have an online store (e-commerce site) and you want to generate more online purchases, this is the goal to prioritize. Facebook will show your ads to users who are most likely to buy your products online. The Sales objective is developed in several subcategories: Conversion, Catalog Sales, Messenger, Calls.

The subcategory depends on the types of products you have to sell. If you want to generate more sales via your website, the Conversion goal is the one you need. Too often we enter a new client’s ad account and the Traffic goal has been chosen when it should be Conversion. When the Conversion goal is chosen, Facebook’s algorithms sends people to your site who are most likely to buy your product. These are usually consumers who are used to making purchases online. And what a difference the right objective does to the results!

Facebook advertising is for (almost) every business

No matter your monthly spending budget, there is the right objective for you and there are ways to optimize your ads for the best return on investment.

Union PPC has helped many companies increase their awareness and boost their sales via search engines and social media. 

Ready to take the next step? Contact us and let us take charge of your campaigns and bring them to the next level.

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