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Our Vision

UnionPPC is about being bold, connected and generous in business. It is a network of digital advertising specialists who share the same values, who work as a team and who help each other prosper and develop professionally, while respecting the individual freedoms associated with being self-employed.

UnionPPC Founders

UnionPPC co-founders: Jason Keenan (General Manager), Francis Daviault (Chief Quality Officer) and François Lebel (CEO & Sales)

Our Benefits

Group Insurance*

We offer you and your family a comprehensive package exclusively for the self-employed.
*Quebec residents only.

Stay Self-Employed

By joining you're not an employee. You can remain self-employed while enjoying all of our benefits.

Annual Bonus

We distribute annual bonuses based on performance, involvement and team spirit.

Real Vacation time

Get peace of mind knowing that when you leave on vacation, your teammates have you covered. You can finally, truly disconnect.

Liability Insurance

In the event of damages caused to our clients, you are protected if our business is found legally responsible.

Work From Anywhere

Feel free to work from anywhere! We have team members all over the world.

4 Day Work Week

We're closed on Fridays! Enjoy that extra day off and find your work/life balance.

Steady Work

With a constant stream of new projects, clients and challenges, things are always moving.

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