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Meet the team of senior-level PPC specialists with over 80 years of combined experience managing your campaigns 

Over 10 years experience in digital marketing and management of PPC campaigns, SEO projects and large scale marketing strategies. Frank specializes in strategic planning and consultation.
Frank Lebel
François "Frank" Lebel​
CEO / Google Ads Expert
Over 12 years experience in digital marketing and management of PPC campaigns on multiple channels. Jason specializes in project management and optimization of paid-search campaigns.
Jason Keenan
Jason Keenan
GM / Google Ads Expert
Over 15 years experience in digital marketing and management of PPC campaigns on multiple channels. Francis specializes in account setup, performance and custom reporting.​
Francis Daviault
Francis Daviault
COO / Google Ads Expert
Over 10 years of experience in digital marketing project management, web development and PPC campaign management on various advertising channels. She specializes in day 2 day management, business process improvement, SEO and UX. 
Geneviève De Champlain​
Project Manager / Facebook Ads Expert / SEO / UX
Formed by the digital age, she knows all about the latest trends in digital marketing. She specializes more in the optimization, efficiency and analysis of PPC campaigns on the many Google channels.
Emanuelle Bolduc
Google Ads Expert
Over 11 years of experience in digital marketing with numerous Canadian and international agencies and companies, Guillaume is a master in the art of making his clients' web campaigns shine. A true "PPC Ninja", Google holds no secrets for him.
Guillaume Steinmetz
Guillaume Steinmetz
Google Ads Expert
SEO and Google Ads expert with over 9 years of experience in B2B and B2C lead generation, online sales and landing page conversion rate optimisation. His objective approach to data ensures that your decisions are based on facts.
Eli Gauthier
Eli Gauthier
SEO Expert
An expert in digital marketing for the past 11 years, Magali has worked with numerous organizations to develop and implement lead generation and loyalty strategies. Her favorite web tools? PPC campaigns and Inbound Marketing.
Magali Seng
Magali Seng
Strategy / UX Expert

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